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  • LucaGeil96:
    What an account do you want use?
  • LucaGeil96:
    The username
  • (Guest) kavo:
  • LucaGeil96:
    I will free you
  • LucaGeil96:
    one moment please. let me take a look
  • LucaGeil96:
    you are free . have fun and don't use vpn :)
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  • (Guest) kav0:
    I'm still shown to be banned: c
  • exx0ne:
    it worked, thanks for helping. ♥
  • Nofoot:
    Hey guys been having issues posting, can you check the Lydia post in the pit :)
  • LucaGeil96:
    @exx0ne You welcome :)
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  • Bruce wayne:
    Hola cómo están todos?
  • Ty2Fn2:
    Hello, everything is on private and I haven't been able to confirm my email because the button on the confirmation emails do not work.
  • Ty2Fn2:
    I was wondering what I need to do to unlock the forums and confirm my email ([email protected])
  • hotgirls:
    @Ty2Fn2 Please read the rules and you'll know how to access private forums.
  • LucaGeil96:
    @Ty2Fn2: You was wondering? It's a easy quest... when we let every user see all, anyone would post content here. The forums will die then fast. And where are you not must not confirm your email? I've no idea?
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  • Mali:
    why i can not find my confirmation email
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  • (Guest) kokowi:
    there is no confirmation mail
  • (Guest) kokowi:
    ive joined directly